Back to Basics – Week 5

Sandtray Therapy With Adults Mind The Metaphor! We all know that working with adults can be TOUGH. Often, our adults ...
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Back to the Basics – Week 4

Working With Young Children in the Tray...Does sandtray therapy even work with our littles?! This is a topic that I ...
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Back to the Basics – Week 3

Selecting Miniatures...but what types of miniatures do we really need ?! So, I'm sure this will come as no surprise...I ...
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Back to the Basics – Week 2

What's In Your Tray?! Everything you need to know about filling your sand trays... I get asked ALL the time ...
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Back to the Basics – Week 1

So many of you want to brush up on the basics of your sandtray skills or to learn them for ...
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Check it Out: My New (Small) Sandtray Room

Well, this was a challenge. Having a small space and having to make a super functional room for several therapists ...
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Sandtray and Self-Care: How And Why You Should Use This Powerful Method to Clear Off Your Own Mirror

It begins by doing our own work, hopefully with a therapist or friend with a similar perspective on the value ...
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5 Guidelines to Documenting Sandtray Therapy Sessions

You've got it. You know what you're doing with your sandtray sessions. But, then it happens. You sit down at ...
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20 Things Only Sandtray Therapists Will Recognize

Being a sandtray therapist is awesome for so many reasons. However... A LOT of people just don't get what makes ...
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FREE DOWNLOAD: 165 Sandtray Directives

Short and sweet will this blog post be (kinda like me!) So many times you just don't know where to ...
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