What Split-Brain Patients Tell Us About the Power of Sandtray Therapy

Every time I talk about this study in my trainings I get the "wha.... get out!" response from even the ...
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Sandtray Specs: The What, Why, and How of Your Tray

So you've researched and scoured the Internet looking for the EXACT size of tray that you need.. ..but you've come ...
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[INFOGRAPHIC] How Sandtray Therapy Heals Using the Language of Neuroscience

Why does sandtray therapy work?? Isn't it just playing in the sand?? What? You bought all this stuff for your ...
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Cute Cat Video + Mirror Neurons and Sandtray Therapy

I'm a sucker for cute cat videos... ...and this one really is hilarious.. Just watch... BUT- you may be asking ...
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How to Make Your Miniatures Stand Up!

Guest blogger and fellow sandtray enthusiast Cheryl Willoughby shares her ingenious solution to that pesky problem of getting all of ...
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Raid My Play Therapy Reading List

You’ve asked. I’m answering. Many of you ask me about book recommendations. Rather than answering, “Oh I don’t know, this ...
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Why Sandtray Therapy Can’t Be Appified

Technology is good. Even great.. It makes our lives better, easier, heck, even you are reading this right now because ...
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Creative ways to talk to parents (even when they don’t want to listen)

Working with kids isn't that bad....'s often the parents that drive you crazy- #amIright? So, anytime I can get ...
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Part 3: 2 Reasons why the brain likes play (AKA: What you need to remember when wonder’why am I doing this again’?)

It seems like magic sometimes. You show up, you practice your play therapy techniques, and your little clients GET better ...
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50 (More) FREE Sandtray Therapy Directives

Quick!!!! You need something effective and fast to do with your client in your next session.. ...progress has been stagnant ...
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