Frequently Asked Questions


  • We open only during small windows so we can ensure we are able to help our community members in the best way possible. We’ve learned that we do this best if we’re able to have everyone begin during set times.

  • The RIST program is a sandtray certification program.  If we’re going to certify you, we want to ensure that you are able to complete the necessary sandtray skills. You need to be live in-person to be able to experience and learn at this highest level.

  • Yes and no. All of the RIST classes qualify for 50 hours of continuing education hours through the NBCC and the Association of Play Therapy.

    However, trainings within the Sandtray Suite do not count for CE credits. The format and the constant addition of small bite-sized training videos do not lend well to the measures that must be met required to obtain CE credits.

  • Yes, we get it. Therapists are not rich, but we know that the amount of resources you put towards activities is directly equal to what you get out of it. We do charge for trainings because we run a business, but also we know that without these fees, many people do not take time to learn and implement the information. And our number one goal for you is to implement sandtray therapy in YOUR practice.

  • Registered Integrative Sandtray Therapist. It is a certification provided by the Southern Sandtray Institute.

  • You get access to step-by-step sandtray training information, which focuses on not just the what and how to do sandtray but the why behind its power. You also get to be part of a worldwide community of like-minded sandtray therapists, allowing you to not feel so isolated and burned out. These sandtray trainings also allow you to get a step-up in your career, allowing you to increase your confidence in session, knowing you have a tool that can be used with any age and any population.

  • 10 installments of $380 or a one time payment of $3500

  • Yes, you’ll have to travel twice – one in the spring and once in the fall for 4 days of training each. Everything else is online.

  • We open registration each February through email. Make sure you sign up for the wait list so you don’t miss out!

  • We’ll open the new and improved Sandtray Suite program on July 9th. Sign up for the wait list to get notified.

  • Yes, we have many international therapists who are in both of our programs. Contact us at for any questions with how this will work. We will help you with any details or logistics.

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