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Here’s What People Are Saying:

Stasia Myers, LPC

You are literally a life saver Amy!! Sandtray thearpy has jump started my practice!! And these wonderful therapists in our group teach me sooo much. Thxs!!

Keb Neff, LCSW

The training I have received from Southern Sandtray Institute has been one of the best programs I have ever participated in! Amy is a terrific teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares readily.  I really can’t recommend this training (and the RIST program) enough; the skills and confidence I’ve gained have been truly beneficial for my clients.  

Virginia Willis, LCSW

Sandtray has been amazing to use with my clients! I use it with children and adults. My adults have been amazed at what they learn about themselves when working in the tray. I feel sandtray has helped me become a better therapist! I love the trainings and wish I could go to one every month!

Leah Everett, LPC, RPT-S

 Sandtray has increased my knowledge of how the brain works and how the brain will go where it needs to go given the opportunity and sandtray is the opportunity. Thank you Amy for everything you do to further the understanding/knowledge of Sandtray. It has helped so many of my clients move forward and heal.
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