[INFOGRAPHIC] How Sandtray Therapy Heals Using the Language of Neuroscience

  • Why does sandtray therapy work??
  • Isn’t it just playing in the sand??
  • What? You bought all this stuff for your THERAPY OFFICE??
  • People are going to pay you to play in the sand??
  • How in the world will this help me get through my divorce/rape/depression/etc?
  • I’m paying you to play with my kid in the sand??

I’m betting if you’ve worked for any amount of time in the sandtray world, you’ve heard at least a few (if not all) of these questions- and maybe even asked them yourself when that pesky ol’ impostor syndrome rears it’s ugly head.

To understand as clearly as possible the complex answer to these questions, I’ve put together an infographic for you to use when you get it twisted as to why this sandtray stuff works.

Since trauma doesn’t happen to just one part of the brain, we can’t just focus on one part of the brain and expect our clients to heal. We need to involve all parts of the embodied brain that were first involved in what landed our clients in our office to help them fully heal.

Enter sandtray therapy.

Check out the awesome infographic below and download it HERE. 

Southern Sandtray Infographic 2

You can even put on your website or keep beside your desk when you get those moments of “why am I doing this again? I know it works, but how do I explain it to others?”

Like the way sandtray therapy has been made simple and easier to understand??

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