I’m A Loser. [VIDEO]

My entire life is just a series of starts, stutters, falls and then get-back-up-and-try-agains. Now, I’d like to tell you that it’s all worth it and I’m sooo glad I’ve had all of these experiences.

But, I’ll be the first to admit- it sucks a BIG ONE sometimes.

I REALLY want to be that person who always has it together, always looks flawless, and never spills cheese dip on her shirt before a presentation.

Unfortunately (or fortunately however you want to look at it), this isn’t me.

Now, after many, many years, I’ve realized that I’m just a loser.Internet bullying

Usually, people are called a loser because they tried and didn’t quite make it.

But, I’ll let you in on some secrets that my good friend (okay not good friend, I just heard her speak this weekend) Anne Lamott dished out and hit me between the eyeballs.

You’ve got to start where you are. 

And it probably won’t go well the first time. 

And this is okay, the secret is to get up and try again. Trying again makes you transform into that person who succeeds. Or at least that person that other people view as ‘successful.’ Anne and others have told me that the nagging, fearful feeling of falling on your face never goes away, even after many ‘successes.’

Watch this video- it’s an anthem for myself and all of my fellow losers. They are losers not because they choose to remain in their comfort zone but because they are in the ring getting battered around.

Those are the people I respect. Those are the people who I want in my corner when it’s my turn to be battered around.

Watch this. It’s the best. (warning: NFSW)

So there ya go. Bookmark this video for those days when you are feeling like a loser.  And remember if you ever call yourself a loser, know that losers are only those who have been beaten up but not down.

Success is not an arrival. It’s only one step, stammer, or crawl towards your dreams. All of those tiny, grunting, slithering actions you take towards your goal are what make you a loser.

And me, I’m a loser and always will be.

Tell me in the comments how you too, are a loser.

You are in good company, I promise.