First Blog Post!

Hello all! This is the first of many upcoming blog posts from yours truly.  The central topics of this blog will be 
  • play therapy for both clients and other therapists
  • the sand tray method 
  • neuroplasticity of the brain or how therapy actually changes the brain
The plan is to post at least monthly about one of these topics and then work up to biweekly postings. The content will be very practical and hands-on oriented with an emphasis on how this affects our everyday practice and life.  My passion is sand tray therapy so you will likely see much of that woven throughout the play therapy content. In addition, I have found that if I can explain and show how the brain changes with therapy, my clients put more stock into what I have to say and progress faster. Providing this information to those whom I train also provides them with assurance that what they are doing is not just giving expensive advice.  
Stay tuned for another blog post real soon! Thanks for visiting and feel free to browse around my website!