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Courage is Contagious

When you sign up for this FREE four-day training, you’ll gain one of the biggest, most elusive things for therapists everywhere

Courage and Confidence

During this 4-day Sandtray Experience

you’ll not only deepen your understanding of the science and tools of sandtray, but also connect with a global community of sandtray therapists. Together, we're embarking on a journey of courage and confidence.

Each day, you’ll get a BRAND NEW training video from sandtray teacher (and fellow sandtray nerd) giving you the most asked-about, important topics you need to know to become more confident and courageous in your sandtray work.

Check out the list of topics

to be released in a private, invitation-only Facebook group created just for this masterclass:


July 15th, 2024

The Brain on Sandtray: How Sandtray Uncovers and HEALS Trauma 


July 16th, 2024

Sellng Sandtray: Getting the Buy-in from Clients and Referal Sources


July 17th, 2024

Stop Wasting Time and Money!  Know the Must-Have Miniatures


July 18th, 2024

Never Fear - Know What to Say in Sandtray Sessions (Even When You Got Nothing)

Along with each training, you’ll get a follow-along workbook to help you easily digest all of the new information. In addition, you’ll get a printable resource that goes along with that day’s topic. Each resource can be used as a go-to guide in your sandtray journey. 

And! In true Southern Sandtray fashion, you’ll also get chances to win prizes, miniatures, self-care items through interactive sandtray activities and challenges.

Again, our big promise through this experience: You walk away with more

Courage and Confidence

Who is this for?

Mental health therapists/therapist trainees who want more out of each session with their clients.

You want the feeling of courage that it takes to do new things and become confident that you’ve got this with ALL of your clients.

Also! You belong here if you

  • Are just starting your sandtray journey
  • Have taken a class or two but want MORE
  • Are a veteran sandtray therapist who just nerds out about all things sandtray

Meet Amy

Amy Flaherty Hood has trained mental health therapists for over a decade in sandtray therapy. Leading the way of the global sandtray therapy movement, she has a passion to empower sandtray thearpists everywhere through intensive in-person trainings as well as online community-based programs. Amy lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas where she owns a thriving group private practice.

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