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Your FREE Digital Sandtray for Telehealth 

Program Is Here!! 

To access the online sandtray program, simply click on the blue button below. 

To help you understand and access the digital sandtray program, we've also included a training video (above) by it's creator Savannah Cormier. 

This training and program is one of the MANY resources included in the online membership training program, The Sandtray Suite NOW open until Jan 28th at midnight. 

Grab your spot here!

You can access The Digital Sandtray Program via PowerPoint, or through Google Slides.  Click the button below for your preferred format:

Helpful hints with accessing your Online program

1. Click on the dropbox link that pops up after you click on the blue button above.

2. Click on the right to download the program to your computer.

EXTRA POINTS: If you use Google Slides, you can more easily share and work in the sandtray with your client if they get stuck or anything happens.

Not sure how to do that? Click Here for a step-by-step tutorial of how to do it. Or use the link below to copy the presentation to your own drive.‚Äč

3. Save the whole file in a place where you can easily access it for your online sandtray sessions. I like to keep mine on my Desktop so I can easily find it and share.

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