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Attention Sandtray Nerds!

Are you ready to get the support, instruction, and community you NEED to take your sandtray practice to the next level?

Let me guess...

  • You love sandtray and use it in your practice but often feel overwhelmed or even “stuck” wondering if you’re using it correctly.
  • You already use sandtray therapy in one area of your practice but you want to expand and use it confidently with ALL of your people - the adults, couples and even those wily teenagers.
  • You feel isolated from other folks like you (especially since the pandemic!) and you crave a tight-knit community of people who like, inspire and GET YOU.
  • You need a mentor who can help you hone your skills and get to that next level of confidence and clarity. Someone who is not just a virtual cheerleader but who can give you professional, real-time feedback about the cases that tend to trip you up.

Be honest, are you nodding to at least one of those, if not more and wondering why the heck you can't just figure this out on your own?

Here's the answer:
Because therapy is HARD.
And it's okay to admit that.

This profession can be soul-crushing in the BEST of times and well, right now, it’s even MORE difficult because we feel like we are carrying the weight of the world’s anxiety while trying to swim upstream ourselves!

Basically, it's not YOU. This is just hard.

Which is why I’m so glad you’re here. We’ve just created a BRAND-NEW training program for therapists exactly like you.

Drumroll please.


The Sandtray Scholars Program

An Online


Small-group Format

Designed to allow sandtray therapists to improve their confidence and skills inside a private community. Without lots of extra assignments and trainings that don’t really apply to what you need NOW.

This program is specifically for therapists who are already using sandtray regularly in their practice but want more. More information, more support, and more counsel in an intimate format with like-minded people.

So what's in it for you?

How can you expect your life to change after completing this program?


Being a Sandtray Scholar means you will know exactly what to do with your clients in real-time and achieve that feeling of “I’ve got this” every time you walk into the sandtray room.


You’ll have focused feedback and a small, tight-knit group of people who want you to succeed. Your mentor has been exactly where you are and will provide you with the path to success, both personally and in the sandtray room.


Being a therapist, especially a sandtray therapist can be super lonely. People just don’t get it. But we do! Through the Scholars program, you get instant access to a group of people who get you and will celebrate your wins and guide you through your frustrations. They’re there for YOU.

Ok, so how will this work?

This is a BRAND-NEW program designed by Southern Sandtray. As a new offer, this is phase one of what you can expect when you become a Sandtray Scholar over the six-month period that we’ll be working together.

Monthly Trainings

A monthly one-hour training from either sandtray guru Amy Flaherty or your private group mentor. All trainings are designed to meet you where you are now. Don’t expect basic stuff or fluff. In the Scholars program we will go DEEP, answering those tough questions so you can hone your skills and grow your CONFIDENCE so you know that you’ve got this, no matter what comes out in the sandtray.

Support Group Meetings

Monthly support group meetings. The format for this is likely to be Zoom, but our mentors will work with your group to see what is the best fit for your particular group.

Activities & Challenges

Fun activities and challenges that allow you to exercise your creativity, all while diving deeper into the sandtray skills. This will help heal your clients more quickly and easily, without you having to know all the things all the time.

Monthly Case Consultations

Monthly case consultations as needed with your group. This is YOUR time to get your questions answered. Stuck with a hard-to-crack couple? Maybe you’re feeling out of your depth with your newest intake. Ask your mentors the questions and you’ll get answers ASAP.

But WHAT ELSE do you get?

You know we love BONUSES here at Southern Sandtray!

Miniature Madness

As a member of the Sandtray Scholars program, you get the Monthly Miniature from Miniature Madness for FREE.

Each month, a $20 miniature will be delivered to your doorstep, along with extra goodies, discounts, and access to the Miniature Madness Team

Sandtray Scholars

October 2022

To celebrate all of the successes and nerd-out in person, you’ll get one FREE ticket to our exclusive Sandtray Scholars LIVE event happening October 2022.

If you know anything about us here at Southern Sandtray, you know we don’t do anything half-way. All you need to do is show up and show out with your group. After six months of support and learning, you’ll feel like you’re meeting your family for the first time!

More details will be coming soon after all spots are filled!

But how much is it?

Another great question!

  • For our founding members, we are offering a price and a payment plan that you’ll likely not ever see again.

You have two options:

Six monthly payments



One time payment


An immediate saving of $300!

Okay, but maybe you're still wondering

How is this different from any of the other sandtray training programs?

Good question - look at you go!

To help you understand, let's break down EXACTLY how this is going to work.

With this first round of training, we’re ONLY opening the doors to current members of the Sandtray Suite. This program is NOT intended for those who are just learning the basics of sandtray therapy. All of those enrolled will have basic knowledge and seek to deepen their understanding in their current practice.

When you enroll for the program, you’ll complete a simple application that allows us to know you better and place you in the group that best suits your needs. Over the next six months, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with not just your mentor but also your group so it’s vital that we ensure the best fit for everyone.

As mentioned above, each month you’ll get an hour of training from either Amy Flaherty or your group mentor on an advanced sandtray concept or skill, designed to deepen your understanding and skills. All persons involved in the program will attend Amy’s bi-monthly trainings = three times over the course of six months.

In the months that Amy is not teaching, your mentor will teach your group sandtray-related information related to your exact needs. For example, if you work with adults, your mentor may teach about how to make sandtray therapy more accessible for your male clients. The important thing to know here is that the entire program is designed WITH YOUR NEEDS IN MIND.

Everything will be housed online and trainings will be provided virtually, allowing for the greatest accessibility and flexibility for our members worldwide.

During the weeks that do not involve teaching, you’ll be meeting with your mentor and group. The exact activities will differ for each individual group, again depending on what you need. The mentors have been trained by Amy Flaherty and will be working with her closely to ensure that all members are getting the most out of this first program.

We know that it’s only through connection and consultation that clarity appears.

Left-brained knowledge is not enough to create confidence, which is why the majority of the training allows for our mentors to focus on what applied knowledge and what YOU need from YOUR group.

Ready to sign up?

Click the yellow button below to get started!


We have a VERY limited number of spots available for each group (10 per mentor) and when the spots are filled, we close out registration until next time (if there is a next time - again this is all very new and so there’s no guarantee that it will happen again!)

Enrollments will close

  • When the spots are filled


  • When the timer below hit's ZERO!

You missed out!

Still need more info? We've got you boo!

Let's talk about our Mentor's

These three ladies are hand-chosen by our team at Southern Sandtray. They are all veteran sandtray therapists and are dedicated to helping you achieve that next step in your sandtray practice.

Virginia Willis


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Stasia Myers


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Checlia Nemec


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What if I’m already an ICST? Can I still join?

YES! One of the reasons we have launched this program is because our ICST people want more - so this is definitely for you!

What is the time commitment?

Well, we won’t be taking roll so you decide! As mentioned, you’ll have one new (1 hour) training each month. The rest of the month will be at the discretion of what your group/mentor decides. We want this to be a place you can rest and receive feedback, allowing you to receive self-care and connection, all while building confidence.

Do I receive CE’s?

Because of the nature of the content, we won’t be providing CE’s. This program is WAYYY beyond what basic CE’s offer and honestly, if you only need CE’s, you can grab them way easier somewhere else 😊

What if I don’t want to continue?

You have the option to drop out at any time during the program. However, we only offer a 30 day money back guarantee. As mentioned, we will not likely be doing an installment plan next time around because of the nature of the program and group dynamics. Our hope is that you will never even consider leaving because it would be like leaving your friends!

How will I know what mentor/group that I’m in once I join?

Once you submit payment and complete the application, our team will start compiling a list of the best-fit for each mentor. After enrollment closes, you’ll quickly be placed into your group and will have a kick-off call with both Amy and your mentor/group.

What happens after the program is over?

You get to come hang out with ALL OF US in October for FREE! You’ll be known as a Sandtray Scholar and will have the opportunity to continue with us if we continue the program again in 2023. These life-long connections will sustain and fuel you even after the program is completed.

Have more questions?

Simply email us at and we’ll be happy to help OR you can even call us at (866) 487-7263

Don't Delay


You missed out!

Let us give you the support, training, and clarity you need to love your job and feel connected to people just like you!

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