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FREE 5 Day Training Series

Your Sandtray Success Roadmap


Learn the Science, Skills, and Scripts to Love Your Job (Again!)


Starts January 24th, 2022

In These 5 Days...

You'll leave with your personalized Sandtray Success Roadmap that covers the Science, Skills, and Scripts you need to love what you do again!

Here's what we will cover


DAY 1:

The brain science of how and why sandtray is a perfect tool to work with trauma… and why you can use this with clients of all ages and populations.


DAY 2:

How to choose the exact miniatures you need for your clients, eliminating overwhelm and fear of breaking the bank… even if you are a traveling, space-challenged, or beginning sandtray therapist.


DAY 3:

How trauma shows up in the sandtray through common themes. Learn 3 key themes seen with clients who have experienced trauma (especially those with complex trauma).


DAY 4:

How to document sandtray sessions quickly and easily. Beat the Blank Screen Syndrome when typing your sandtray notes with my proven note-writing templates!


DAY 5:

Selling sandtray therapy to clients and referral sources. In this training, I’ll give you the EXACT phrases to say to get an automatic “yes I need that!” when explaining the power of sandtray therapy.

PLUS For all attendees


Oh yes, there are amazing prizes to win each day!

Each day, one lucky winner will win prizes such as sand from Jurassic sand, amazing miniatures, free consults with Amy and much more!

And finally ... announcing our Grand Prize

One lucky participant will receive a scholarship a year’s worth of Sandtray Suite PLUS training (a $588 value)

Register Now To Win These Prizes!

Yes I want a Sandtray Roadmap to Success!

"I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples. I have struggled with confidence for years. This training has allowed me to be more confident in what I do with my clients. This has helped me to be more confident in being quiet and present for my clients."

- Carletta Daniels

"I have gained confidence in 'trusting the process' and appreciate better that neuroception of safety is such an important piece. Am also more confident and excited how working in the sand speaks the language of the mostly right brained child!"

- Brenda Mak

"I've been a school-based therapist for many years and have been using Sandtray for at least 12 years. This has been a great review and is also re-energizing. I'm moving into a private practice and am looking forward to insights working with adults. Thanks Amy."

- Mickey Steintz


If you answer "YES!" to any of the following...

  • You’ve heard of sandtray therapy but don’t know how it will work for YOUR practice
  • You’re a new therapist desperate to help your clients heal from trauma but have hit a wall with talk therapy.
  • You have taken one or two sandtray classes but want to go DEEPER with your practice or implement it with a different population.
  • You’re a therapist who feels burned out and frustrated with a lack of tools at your fingertips to help your trauma-ridden clients.
  • You need a step-by-step guide of what to do and say (and what to NOT do and say) with sandtray work.

Yes I want a Sandtray Roadmap to Success!

“I am just amazed by the level of knowledge shared with us and I am hoping to be able to absorb as much as possible."

- Jo Anna Martinez

"I've acquired a wealth of miniatures and feel like I've learned sooooooo much through this journey."

- Michele Hairston

Hi, I'm Amy!

I’ve taught thousands of therapists all over the world the power of sandtray therapy.

I’ve seen therapists go from burned out, about-to-leave-the-profession to passionate, confident practitioners knowing that they’ve got this.

I was once like you….a therapist wishing they could just help - know the right words to say and even have a magic wand at hand so help heal those darkest wounds.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Since teaching sandtray therapy for nearly a decade now, I’ve developed many tools, scripts, and trainings that show you not just what to do in the sandtray but WHY it has the power to help heal all of your clients.

I know being a therapist is one of the most important but difficult jobs anyone can do, especially in today’s world.

When you go through his FREE 5 day training series with me, you’ll get a simple roadmap that will set you up for success, no matter where you are in your therapy journey.

Gain the confidence and the one tool you need to work with all ages and all populations, even those who simply cannot put the trauma into words.

Know this fellow therapist- you’ve got this. You are enough. I can show you how sandtray can help you love your job (again!)

Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT, ICST-P

"Great format and information! I am a beginner (some experience while working at an agency) and recently set up my tray and all the miniatures I've been collecting over the years. After using it all for about a month, I have noticed how dusty my sand is and have ordered some Jurassic sand so the basics were helpful. Also getting a better sense of the neuroscience and how to support clients has given me a sense of direction. THANKS FOR THIS WONDERFUL RESOURCE."

- Marta Muntean

"I have had so many 'Ah Ha' moments since I began this journey. I think the biggest accomplishment for me is to see how much healing takes place in the sandtrays with each of my clients. I use the sandtrays for my children as young as 4 all the way to the age of senior citizen. This technique has allowed me to reach so many who could not be helped by others."

- Michele Hairston

Come join us and thousands of other inspiring people on this incredible journey!




The Sandtray Success Roadmap Training Series starts on Jan 24, 2022 and there will be a training each day Monday through Friday @ 12:00 pm Eastern / 10 AM Pacific. PLUS: We have some special BONUS trainings for you on Saturday, Sunday and Monday following the workshop!


No worries, we've got you! You can watch the replay at anytime 24/7 all the way through Monday night. Also, we'll send you a reminder with a link for each daily training. Email is your friend. 🙂


In the brand-new private Facebook group titled, Your Sandtray Success Roadmap. You’ll be sent the link to join the Facebook group immediately after you register. The trainings will ONLY be available to those who are in this Facebook group.


Each day we'll pick a Daily Prize winner from all participants who have posted their homework for that day. Everyone who posts their homework for all 5 days will be entered to win the Grand Prize.


Perhaps you've seen and even taken some other workshops or courses on sandtray therapy but haven’t gotten the results you hoped. That's because other trainings don't focus on giving you both the neuroscience of WHY and practical tools and tips that set you up for success, no matter your setting or population.

Furthermore, most workshops may only tell you the “what” and the “why…” but won’t give you the exact tools you need to be successful in the sandtray.

This “Sandtray Success Roadmap Training Series” is VERY different, and here's how...

You’ll get my best-of, most practical sandtray trainings condensed down into short 20-minute training videos each day. I will be doing these trainings LIVE through a special Facebook group, making it easy for you to learn and transform in the time in takes to write a few notes!
Each day is designed to build skills and confidence in your sandtray practice, starting with the most important part of sandtray therapy - the WHY it works all the way down to the nitty-gritty “but how do I do” questions that are often asked in my advanced high-ticket training.

My goal is to make this free training series more valuable than the last three trainings you bought combined!

Yes I want a Sandtray Roadmap to Success!

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