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Attention: Sandtray Therapists

Are you loving sandtray therapy but want MORE?

You know sandtray therapy is powerful but desire more community, clarity, and connection with others?

Let’s face it, you’ve tried reading books, watching videos or even other training programs but you still feel like it’s not enough to REALLY get it

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT You merely haven’t had access to the complete program you need to experience the power of sandtray therapy for YOURSELF and also communicate it to others

  • This program provided by Southern Sandtray meets the criteria for the Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST) credential through the International Association of Sandtray Therapy. This in depth experience is a hybrid program that allows you to not only become credentialed in sandtray therapy but also connect to like-minded therapists and gain mentorship along the path.
  • With this in-depth program, you’ll have everything outlined for you, walking you through the basics of sandtray therapy, into the neuroscience behind its power, and then working using sandtray with special populations and issues.

No more guessing or wondering if you know what you’re doing ... ... the ICST program covers it all for you!

Imagine what it would be like …   

… to step into each therapy session KNOWING that you’ve got this.

Think of how the pride would swell in your chest when YOU get that referral because you’re the specialist and others KNOW you get results. Even more, you can walk into any courtroom, staff meeting, or parent session knowing you have the answers.

Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT, ICST-P Amy Flaherty is the Founder and President of the International Association for Sandtray Therapy (IAST). Over the last several years, Amy has taught thousands of therapists worldwide about the power of sandtray therapy. However, the ICST program is the most in-depth, personal, and experiential training program that Southern Sandtray provides.

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But!! Still not sure the power of the ICST training??

Check out below what some recent ICST grads have to say about their experiences throughout this powerful program.

The ICST Credential A powerful, comprehensive sandtray therapy training program that will give you:


Provide you with confidence To know that when you walk into any session YOU’VE GOT THIS


Gain connection with like-minded therapists. No more feeling alone in your practice. Through the ICST program, you’ll gain a close-knit community of those who are walking down the same road


Give you the clarity you need to explain the WHY behind what you know works in your sandtray sessions

Thinking it's too far to travel? Listen to Claire's story as she traveled from China to train with us!

Claire Wadsworth, China

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The Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist program is experiential, collaborative and taught in a small group setting. The entire experience is designed to transform not just you as a therapist but how you feel about yourself forever. 


Through the ICST, you’ll learn the latest neuroscience research to provide a way to communicate with clients and referral sources about the power of sandtray.


The ICST 2021 Cohorts will be part of a growing sandtray movement, allowing those who enroll in the program to be a part of the most elite group of sandtray therapists in the world.


 You’ll get hands-on practice in the sandtray building your own trays as well as practice in the role of a therapist.


This is NOT your typical banquet room lecture with 40 other people. You are part of a small community of 12 like-minded colleagues who will motivate, help and support you through the program.

Want To Know More About How ICST Works?

In the Spring, we'll spend 4 days together completing 2 levels.

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Introduction to Sandtray Therapy – 13 CE hours

In this first level, you’ll learn all basics about sandtray, including the history, materials needed and a solid overview of how to work with all ages.  Learn More.


The Neuroscience of Sandtray Therapy– 12 CE

After you’ve gotten the foundational information down, we’ll go deeper with learning the WHY behind the power of sandtray, focusing on the neuroscience of sandtray with all ages. Learn More.

During the Summer, you'll continue your sandtray work from home implementing what you've learned into your practice.

You’ll do this by participating in 15 weekly online consultation calls where Amy reviews your sandtray sessions and provides in depth feedback for you and your clients.

When we meet in the Fall, we'll spend 4 days together ...


Advanced Sandtray: Personal Work and Case Consultation in Sandtray Therapy -13 CE

Within this training, you’ll go deeper with all of your skills. You’ll focus on honing your skills as a therapist and providing space to embed what you have learned thus far. Learn More.


Your CHOICE of Several Advanced Classes –12 CE

After completing Levels 1-3, you and your cohort will choose which advanced class you’d like to take. Some of the choices include Daring Greatly in Sandtray Therapy, Advanced Sandtray Therapy with Children, or Solution Focused Work in Sandtray Therapy. Learn More.


May 12-16, 2021

November 10-14, 2021


June 9-13, 2021

December 1-6, 2021

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10 payments of $440 or a one-Time Payment of $4000

Each level approved by IAST ICST-P #001 and NBCC hours (ACEP #6650)


So what can I expect?

Each level is provided in a small workshop format at my beautiful facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. You’ll get time rest and get what you need with instruction while allowing you time to connect with the other therapists and work on yourself as well.


Are you the ideal ICST student?

Only those who are committed to being the best, who is willing to try new things, and is able to look at themselves honestly in an effort to grow and improve need apply.

Guess what?

Many of my grads were sitting where you are right now, a little bit skeptical and wondering if this program is worth the investment and also wondering if it’s really as good as it sounds.


The answer is a resounding YES

All of my grads say the same thing…



Amy’s ICST program is amazing and even a little bit addicting

So many of my students can’t wait for their next training.

I’ve had few describe my course as the carrot that keeps them going.

This program is WAY more than just 4 classes- it’s a well-designed, life-changing experience.

Take a look below at what is included in this life-changing experience 

But wait there’s more!

One of the unique aspects of the ICST experience is that we provide lodging and 2 daily meals for all ICST attendees.

When you join the ICST program, you’ll be invited to stay with Amy and Sean Flaherty at their newly-renovated home. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all attendees. Amy and Sean’s home boasts 4 large guest rooms, 3.5 guest baths, a movie theater, a library, and two large living areas. Additional Air BnB locations (near Amy and Sean’s home) may be used as needed.

Your ICST fee covers not just amazing, soul-filling trainings, but also lodging and meals as well!

No need to worry about much once you arrive in Jonesboro!

When you join the 2021 ICST cohort, you get BONUSES!

BONUS #1 Up to $200
Be the first person to sign up and you’ll receive a $200 gift card from Miniature Madness. Therapists who claim the next 5 spots in the ICST program will each receive $100 gift card from Miniature Madness.
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BONUS #2 $468
Lifetime access to the Sandtray Suite. You’ll get instant, never-ending access to the worlds only membership-based sandtray therapy training program. You’ll be a member of a supportive and worldwide community of sandtray therapists ($468/per year value)
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ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY 10 Installments of $440 OR one-time payment of $4000

Now that you are convinced that the ICST program is for you, you’re probably wondering- how much is this going to set me back? Good news – it’s reassuringly expensive

But as Rebecca Spooner, LPC, ICST stated


“It’s worth every penny and will change the way you do therapy forever.”


One-time payment of $4000


10 payments of $440

When Are The Live Classes

This year we will have two groups of 10 people each
Seats are filled for each group on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Register now to reserve your spot for the dates you want.  Spots go fast. Once we get our 10 people in each group, we close out registration for the YEAR. 


May 12-16, 2021 

November 10-14, 2021


June 9-13, 2021

December 1-6, 2021

Now that you know the ICST program is for you, don’t delay

I only have 10 spots for each of the two cohorts and spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Also, if for any reason, you change your mind and decide the ICST isn’t for you, I’ll refund the full payment within the first 30 days from purchase.

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Is the investment really worth it? Listen to what Marie and Melissa have to say about their experiences and how their lives have changed

Feeling stuck with your practice and your clients? Marie did too- and ICST solved that. Listen to her story:

Marie Stokey

But what’s different about the ICST training? Watch as Melissa tells you of her experience.

Melissa Synder

If you want your practice and your life to transform, then the ICST program is for you

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May 12-16, 2021 and November 10-14, 2021


June 9-13, 2021 and December 1-6, 2021


But can ICST help a school counselor?
Mary answers that question …

Mary Jean Nave

Wondering if sandtray can help you in your agency setting?
Listen to Melissa’s story:

Melissa McBee

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