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Flaherty Trays


Flaherty Trays features hand-made wooden sand trays to be used within the therapy setting for clients of all ages.

All trays are crafted from hardwood and locally designed and built by Sean Flaherty.

Flaherty Trays

Standard Tray

This tray is made from Poplar and is painted with bright blue on the inside of the tray. The outside is stained with a light gray stain (think Joanna Gaines gray).


$135 (taxes and shipping included)


Dimensions are 25.5’’ X 18.5’’ X 3.5’’

Mobile Sandtray Kit

This kit is designed by both Amy and Sean Flaherty with the purpose of serving mobile sandtray therapists. This sandtray kit features a hardwood sandtray with a lid that slides onto the tray so that sand does not escape when in transit.

The bottom section of the kit can be folded flat when not in use.

Cords attach the two parts together for ease of use when assembling and transporting all things sandtray related.


$335 (taxes and shipping included)


Dimensions of the mobile sand tray are 17’’ X 14’’ X 3.5’’

Trays are limited in quantity due to the labor and time involved creating each 

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