50 (More) FREE Sandtray Therapy Directives


You need something effective and fast to do with your client in your next session..

…progress has been stagnant for a while and you feel like you’ve hit a dead end.

BUT! You remember, you have sandtray therapy in your back pocket and all of the sudden, it happens..

..your sweaty palms become dry, your racing thoughts calm, and that panicked feeling from just a couple of seconds ago- POOF- GONE.

Rather than use the nondirective method of working with your client in the tray (which may leave yo50moreu with that “deer in the headlight” look staring back at you, you need a direction- or directive!-to use with your client.

Never fear- I’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t before, check out my original blog post with 50 free directives.

Print it off, staple it to your forehead, whatever you need to do.

But, there’s many of you who have used this list in your session and are thirsting for more ways to create the powerful results you get with sandtray therapy.

DOWNLOAD HERE to get 50 (MORE) free sandtray directives.

Just like last time, print it off, pin it to something, and use it to break through even the most protective of shells to help move your client along the path to well-being.

You got this.

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