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About Our Community

At the Southern Sandtray Institute, we know that the power of sandtray lies within each one of you

Our Worldwide Community

Our worldwide community of supportive, energetic, funny, and sandtray-lovin’ therapists are what makes the Southern Sandtray training programs so powerful.

It is only through impacting and connecting therapists across the globe and across the sandtray journey, we can offer a hand up to those who may feel isolated, alone, or even worse…burned out.

Through years of trainings, we’ve developed systems for you, as any type of therapist, to plug into so you can learn, connected and transform yourself and your practice from wherever you are.

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The founder of our community is Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT

Her vision of Southern Sandtray continues to be a place where therapists can learn about the basics of sandtray but also the nitty-gritty neuroscience behind sandtray therapy. She works continually with training in both the online and offline settings to promote and support all things sandtray therapy across therapy disciplines and populations.

While Amy does have years of sandtray training and experience, she believes  that what makes Southern Sandtray unique and oh so awesome is the therapists who make up the different programs.


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The Benefits of Being a Member

  • You are setting yourself apart by raising your hand to say \”Yes, I care about my clients and yes I want to know more about how to uplevel myself and my practice.\”
  • You don\’t have to start out knowing everything or really anything about sandtray therapy to be a part of our community.
  • All you need is a willingness to grow and be a better therapist (and person).

We\’ll take care of everything else.

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