Top 10 Must-Watch Play Therapy Videos

What are the BEST play therapy videos you can refer to in your practice, you ask?

Well, you are in LUCK, because I have my top 10 favorite play therapy YouTube videos chosen just for you..

Some are just for you as a play thearpist but then some can be used with clients and parents when talking about play therapy and how it works.

Let’s get started shall we??

These are in no particular order because they are ALL awesome in different ways..


#10 Pam Dyson’s “Worry Stones”

This awesome, practical technique combines cognitive-behavioral therapy with body-awareness exercises- always a plus!

#9 Play Therapy Works Video by APT

I show this video at my trainings and have it on my private practice website as well. VERY well done video by APT explaining why play therapy works with kids and also has some good info about how to join APT (do it now if you haven’t already- click the link here to get started).

#8 Garry Landreth CCPT preview video

This is only a short preview of a longer session where Garry Landreth works with a small child using non-directive play therapy.  Watching this video repeatedly gets you a clear picture of what doing this type of play therapy is like even with small children.  Watching the master at work is always, always good for learning a new way of being with a child or just a great refresher.

#7 Portable Play Therapy by Pam Dyson

Love, love, love this video! Many play therapists don’t have the luxury of having a standard office but still want to be able to take play therapy tools to where the kiddos are. Pam gives many useful tips on how she created a practical play therapy toolkit for therapists on the go.

#6 Andrew by APT

Again, this is another video I show at my trainings and also to those I work with in my private practice.  It lends some humor to the heavy topic of the importance of talking to kids where they are.  If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, this video has got to be worth a million!

#5 Feelings Bucket Toss

Another practical and inexpensive technique by Pam.  With this, she gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create and use this fun play therapy technique.  This can be used with many different ages and issues. Always a winner!

#4 Mirror Neurons

While this video doesn’t have anything to do with play therapy EXACTLY, it’s an extremely important video to help us understand why the relationship is so important in play therapy.

Within the play therapy relationship, we get to model and then allow the neuroception of safety to be prominent for our kids. When the kids feel safe even on a neuronal level, they become more willing to try out new ways of being and work towards growth. I LOVE this video!

#3 Tucker the Turtle

Puppets are awesome.  If you have been at this for any amount of time, you’ll see the power of puppets.

Grab the book that Pam talks about the book Tucker Turtle Takes Time to Tuck and Think. Get this free resource (the Tucker booklet) on this page to use with your puppets or just to add to your play therapy tool kit.

#2 Non-directive Play Therapy Demonstration

Heather Thompson does an excellent job in this video of showing the different non-directive skills essential to working with small children.

I especially like this video because it tells you on the screen what she is doing it as it is happening, which is extremely helpful for someone new to this non-directive thing. Worth watching a few times.

#1 Make Your Own Dollhouse

If you have ever struggled with wanting a dollhouse but not having the area to store it or bucks to shell out for it, this video will be a life-saver.  My kids constantly want houses and more houses in the play room and sandtray so this is a great idea.  Put this one in your toolkit as well, you won’t regret it.

There ya have it guys!

My top 10 must-watch play therapy videos….

…but I have a question for you…

Did you notice a common theme???

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