Set Soul-filled Goals Using the Sandtray (My Story)

I’ll admit it.

I’m a junkie….

…a junkie for self-improvement and goal-setting for myself and my clients around each new year.

This year I’m turning my usual boring New Year’s Resolutions on their stuffy ol’ hfeeling trayeads.

Rather than making my usual laundry list of don’t do this (stuff my face with sugary snacks), or do more of that (get my butt to the gym), I’m going to ONLY focus on how I want to feel.

Btw, I didn’t come up with this idea myself, I’ve been noodling around Danielle LaPorte’s idea of The Desire Map. Check it out. Good stuff.

So….Feelings? Huh?

But can’t I just THINK my way skinny??? (Unfortunately, NOPE. I’ve tried)

But what I can do…is to concentrate on the FEELING of what I want more of in 2016.


Think for a minute….

..Sit in a still place and get quiet…

What is the ONE feeling YOU want to develop for next year???

I bet when you got real still and quiet, one feeling broke through the surface and you felt the quiet sigh of YES. That’s it. THAT would be wonderful to have more of in my life.

For me, it’s confidence.

If I can develop more confidence, I will be able to be a better wife, teacher, therapist, daughter and person.

Taking this idea- I wanted to flush it out even more- to get an idea of what more confidence would look like in my life.

So I did what I do when I need some clarity- I did a sandtray.

Here it is..

My Confidence Tray (loving my new garnet sand from Jurassic sand btw)

Don’t worry..I’m going to let you in on my tray…take a look….

My marriage corner
My marriage corner- Being more confident in my relationship with my husband would be more resting in the ease of the relationship, while having fun just being a team
My passion/career corner
My passion/career corner- A boost in confidence for my career means managing my time better while knowing the big WHY behind what I’m doing with spreading the gospel of sandtray or working with my clients
My soul corner
My soul corner- Having a clear understanding of my place on and in this world would be huge. If this could happen more frequently, my anxiety would little go upside down (as can be seen in the tray!)
My physical corner
My physical corner- Over this past year, I’ve become more confident in my body through working out and being nicer to what I actually stuff in my face. Continuing on this path would be HUGE for me. Also, I’m PRETTY sure I look like a beautiful mermaid when I swim so that’s why she is there 🙂

Through this exercise, I opened myself up in an effort to show you guys how going from ONE central feeling in the tray can create many unexpected solutions and a-ha moments that weren’t there before.

ALSO- for those of you who have access to your own sandtray- do this yourself.

It’s my challenge to you. 

Take a picture, leave a comment, or let me know when you do this exercise for yourself.

Can’t wait to see what you all create for your 2016!