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Sandtray Explainer Video: A Plug-n-Play Tool That Explains Sandtray Therapy FOR YOU

An instant, done-for-you video that takes all the guesswork out of trying to explain how sandtray therapy works

This video easily explains the two MOST important parts of sandtray therapy:


When you use this video, you’ll be able to show:

Sandtray Explainer Video
What actually happens in session for both children and adults.
Allow clients and referral sources to get a sneak-peek into what sandtray sessions look like.
Sandtray Explainer Video

The WHY of sandtray. Never get those “wha?? You want me to play in the sand” looks again.

You don’t need to struggle with explaining all the brain science of sandtray- the video does it FOR YOU.

Sandtray Explainer Video

Each video explains how sandtray therapy works with children OR adults.

Easily share, embed, or show the videos during intakes, presentations, or use them to simply explain the magical tool of sandtray therapy with others.

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