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Hey, Amy Flaherty here! So you’re thinking about joining the Sandtray Suite but still aren’t sure if it’s right for you.

I get it - you are a busy therapist and don’t have tons of time and money to spread everywhere so you need to make it count.

Well, what if you could hear from those who have been where you are now, wondering if they should join?? 

What if you could hear from actual therapists who are still in the Sandtray Suite?? 

Good news - I got you:) 

Check out some of the crazy excitement and progress that therapists just like you have experienced from being a part of the Sandtray Suite. 

For your ease, I’ve selected some feedback from current members that answers questions you may be asking yourself right now. 

Is it worth the money?

"It is well worth the $$ to join!"

"There is training in each age level- children, teens, adults; other aspects of Sandtray; monthly deliverables with other experts in the field; handouts/documentation sheets to download and use; Sandtray Suite Plus FB family to collaborate with; and much more. If you join the plus group for $10/month more you get a quarterly box of miniatures on a specific theme hand selected by Amy Flaherty! I got my box today. It is well worth the $$ to join!" 

- Mary J Nave

"Wonderful resources and inspired me to make positive changes!"

"I was in Sandtray Suite and moved up to the Sandtray Plus. It is a wonderful resource and inspired me to make some really positive changes to my practice."

- Barbara Woods

"Amazed by the level of knowledge"

“I am just amazed by the level of knowledge shared with us and I am hoping to be able to absorb as much as possible.”

- Jo Anna Martinez

"Joining the Sandtray Suite was one of my best decisions ever"

"I can imagine it is quite a process to get the miniatures to South Africa but I really want to thank you for going to the trouble to include us in the Sandtray Suite. I learn and grow so much from being in the community and joining the Sandtray Suite as one of my best decisions ever. It helps me feel like I’m a part of a great community and I love your passion for the work we do. It always means so much when you meet other people with a similar passion to you, and like you say, you can “nerd out” together. I just LOVE IT!

So from my side of the world, I just want to say thank you, sincerely, for all that you do. It helps us change the world a bit at a time. You and Kim are so very appreciated!"

- Carryn Hennessy

Will I have time to watch the videos?

"Thankful I can watch and learn on my own time"

“So happy with it. Have received more info on Sandtray than I knew existed! Thank you for putting this together!! So thankful to watch and learn on my own time. Only problem is finding (making) time to watch the videos and explore the Suite.” 

- Shelley Spence

"Each segment is short and concise - I can watch a couple and still enjoy my vacation!"

“I’m very happy with the Sandtray Suite. I’ve already learned so much from every segment and haven’t even finished the neuroscience section! Each segment is short and concise...making it very easy for me to jump on, watch a couple and still enjoy my vacation!! The only problem is - I don’t want to stop watching!!!”

- Carol Sanders

What happens after I'm finished with the 5 core modules? What then?

"I've never regretted it - love the flexibility of the online training"

"I've been a member for a couple of years and have never regretted it. I work long days at a county position so I really need the flexibility of the online training that's available when I have time for it. There isn't much in my area for sandtray training and I can't travel all the time so this has been an important component of my ongoing education ❤️"

- Maureen O’Shea

"You can go at your own pace and re-watch"

“I like that you can go at your own pace. Re-watch content, additional handouts, different presenters.”

- Carol Sanders

"I'm going back through the modules to review. It's a good refresher!"

"I am going back through the modules to review and since you’ve redone the suite! It’s been a good refresher to hear the fail proof pitch about sandtray, the differences between sandplay and tray, and a reminder about being silent. I also appreciated getting to see the 16 processing prompts as well. Thanks!"

- Dana Smith

I'm brand new to sandtray - will this help me get started?

"I'm more confident providing therapy to my clients"

“I am extremely happy with the Sandtray Suite. I have been provided with a wealth of information and am more confident providing therapy to clients. When I found you on the internet I was shocked to learn what a valuable tool sandtray is and how it works. I have learned about documentation and so much more! Thank you!!”

- Sally Sierra

"Great format and information - I’m a beginner - thanks for the wonderful resource"

“Great format and information! I am a beginner (some experience while working at an agency) and recently set up my tray and all the miniatures I’ve been collecting over the years. After using it all for about a month, I have noticed how dusty my sand is and have ordered some Jurassic sand so the basics were helpful. Also getting a better sense of the neuroscience and how to support clients has given me a sense of direction. THANKS FOR THIS WONDERFUL RESOURCE.”

- Marta Muntean

"I’ve learned sooooo much"

"I’ve acquired a wealth of miniatures and feel like I’ve learned sooooo much through this journey."

- Debi Pruitt

I do use the sandtray some, but I need help with knowing exactly what I'm doing. Can Sandtray Suite help me from across the computer?

"A great refresher and good reminder of how working with sandtray can help"

“This has not only been a great refresher but the additional information provided especially the resources are great!

I appreciate the directives – so many to use which is great for me as I sometimes feel stuck.

The science behind how the brain works and proof of that is helpful.

Working with young people who are at high risk of experiencing /and have experienced early psychosis is challenging, especially trying to be creative and holistic – this program is a good reminder of how working with the sandtray can help in telling stories.”

- Stephanie Saad

"I’ve gained confidence in ‘trusting the process’"

“I have gained confidence in “trusting the process” and appreciate better that neuroception of safety is such an important piece. Am also more confident and excited how working in the sand speaks the language of the mostly right brained child!”

- Brenda Mak

"Great review and is re-energizing!"

"I’ve been a school-based therapist for many years and have been using Sandtray for at least 12 years. This has been a great review and is also re-energizing. I’m moving into private practice and am looking forward to insights working with adults. Thanks Amy."

- Mickey Steintz

"This has allowed me to be more confident in what I do with my clients"

"I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples. I have struggled with confidence for years. This training has allowed me to be more confident in what I do with my clients. This has helped me to be more confident in being quiet and present for my clients."

- Carletta Daniels

"I’m the only one who uses sandtray in my office - this has been so very helpful!"

"I am really enjoying the Sandtray Suite! I work in an office with seven other therapists, and I am the only one who uses sand tray, so I did not have anyone to bounce thoughts off or get suggestions from. This has been so very helpful for me!"

- Cathy Kleinschmit

"Amy makes it simple to understand"

"Thank you Amy for making it simple, in particular the trauma section which explains the ANS, right and left brain, and how the brain says no, polyvagal theory and neuroception. I will be going through some of them again."

- Shieva Alipour

"I love the neuroscience section - it solidifies why sandtray works"

"These modules have helped a ton. I especially love the neuroscience section because it solidifies why sandtray works so well to help people who have had traumatic experiences."

- Amy Chitwood

"This has helped me reach so many who could not be helped by others"

"I have had so many “Ah Ha” moments since I began this journey. I think the biggest accomplishment for me is to see how much healing takes place in the sand trays with each of my clients. I use the sandtrays for my children as young as 4 all the way to the age of senior citizen. This technique has allowed me to reach so many who could not helped by others."

- Michele Hairston

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