10 Commandments of Sandtray Therapy

Ever feel like you say things over and over again (moms)?

Or how about you KNOW you’ve said something a ton of times but you still find yourself repeating it over and over? (you know who you are)

I’m not any different.

I’ve been doing sandtray trainings for several years now and I find myself saying some of the same topics over and over again, even at my advanced trainings.

One of my recent RIST graduates said I needed to get #10 tattooed on my forehead I said it so much.

From this idea, I created an infographic for you guys to refer back to when you get stuck or are unsure as to what you need to do in the tray.

Feel free to print this sucker out and stick it on your wall (or forehead) if needed.  I crowd-sourced several of these from my RIST trainees, asking them what I seemed to emphasize the most in my trainings.

So in the spirit of play therapy and positive psychology, I flipped the wording from the negative “Thou Shalt Not” to more positive, action-based commandments. I like to think Garry Landreth would be proud 🙂


What else would you add? I want to hear your answers!

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