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  1. Eugenia OShea Cottrell
    November 20, 2015 @ 11:29 pm

    After our recent Sandtray Training it has been difficult to keep me out of the sand.
    My clients are just as excited as I am.
    This was my take away!
    Turning the completed tray around for my clients. The ooos and the ahssss are increasing amazing. I was doing that for my own trays and for some of my clients but NOW I do it for each and everyone of my clients.
    They can hardly wait to see what their unconscious will bring up next time.
    My clients have been doing their journaling (FINALLY) as well.
    Of course, my miniature collection was increased by at least 1/3 again!!! It was a shopping frenzy!!!!
    Thank you, Amy????????????????✈️⛵️????????????????????????????⛩????????⛪️????????⏰????????⌛️????????⛏????????????????
    It’s all there and then some!
    from the Sandtray in Eureka Springs, Arkansas


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