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Why Sandtray Trainings are Awesome- Part 2- The Detox

Sandtray trainings are awesome. The best. EVER. Why is this absolutely the case? In part 1- you learned about how ...
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Why Sandtray Trainings Are So Awesome (Part 1)- The Connection

Continuing education hours are a necessary evil right? It's something you just have to do to keep your license and ...
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7 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Going Into Private Practice.

Being in private practice is awesome without a doubt. It has fantastic benefits, like you get to take time off ...
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Mutual Drawing Technique

Today's post is a guest post is by Lisa Remey. She offered this great technique for working with groups and ...
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An Open Letter to Parents of Non-Neurotypical Children Everywhere

Since today is world autism awareness day, I am featuring the story of a very close friend who happens to ...
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So You Know It’s Dysregulation- Now What? Part 3 (Or 5 Tips for Dealing with Meltdowns)

We have now come to the 3rd and final portion of this blog post series about understanding both defiance and ...
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So You Know It’s Defiance..Now What? Part 2

After reading the last post to determine if you child is dysregulated or defiant, you have realized that she is ...
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Defiance or Something More? Knowing the Difference- Part 1

By the time many kids get to my office, they are suffering from more than just an attitude of "I ...
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Sandplay Vs. Sandtray: The Important Differences

Sandtray and sandplay therapy are two distinct ways of doing therapy in the sand. Have you ever struggled to explain ...
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Stop Sabotaging Your Private Practice Today

Today's post is actually my first time hosting a guest blogger on my site! I'm very excited to have Stephanie ...
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