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The Most Important Sandtray Technique You Will Ever Need to Know

Over the past several years, I've attended and taught several sandtray therapy workshops. I've learned many techniques, theories, and unique ...
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4 Things to Do When Life Sucks

"Goodness and Karma Bat Last" - Anne Lamott I will be honest. I'm writing this post to process and hopefully ...
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Louis C.K. and Mindfulness

Two things are true for me. Louis C.K. is hilarious. Mindfulness is hard. So when I saw this clip earlier ...
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Feeling Face Paper Plate: A Directive Activity for Young Children

The younger children are the more difficult directive play therapy is to do with them. However, just because something is ...
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5 Myths about Transgendered People

Transgendered people, or those in the process of transitioning , are some of my favorite clients with whom I get ...
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Mad Libs Assertiveness

Aggression, Assertiveness, or Passiveness? Aggression is exerting too much power and passiveness is not exercising enough power. Neither is favorable ...
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Sandtray and the Subconscious

Sandtray therapy is powerful. It can allow people to make connections and see insights that they struggled with for years ...
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6 Tips to Become a Sandtray Whisperer

This past weekend several of my play therapy friends and I gathered for a playdate to catch up and also ...
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5 Myths about Sandtray therapy Busted in 5 weeks- Part 5!!

After prodding along for several weeks, I have finally arrived at my last blog post of this series. I love ...
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5 Myths about Sandtray Therapy Busted in 5 Weeks- Part 4!

After a brief hiatus, I am now back on track to complete the series I started about the various myths ...
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