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22nd Edition

As most of you know, last weekend was the second annual Sandtray Summit, hosted by the International Association for Sandtray ...
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21st Edition

Spooky season has officially come to a we hope you are taking this opportunity to hunt for clearance Halloween ...
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20th Edition

Select Columns Layout It's officially spooky season, and even though 2020 continues to be incredibly meme-worthy (see below), there are ...
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19th Edition

So...lets talk about 2020, shall we? Is anyone else ready to push this dumpster fire off of a cliff yet?! ...
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18th Edition

We can all agree that this pandemic has thrown a major wrench in our lives, and we've had to vastly ...
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17th Edition

Hopefully you got to check out our FREE training last weekend The Sandtray Shift: Healing in the New Normal. This ...
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16th Edition

I know that when thinking about practicing sandtray in a post-COVID world, there are a million questions and fears...What does ...
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15th Edition

Summer is in full swing here in Arkansas...and with that, every year, comes a frustration... Is it a gazillion degrees ...
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14th Edition

How can we provide the neuroception of safety if a client cannot find themselves, or symbols of their stories, on ...
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13th Edition

As uncomfortable as it may be, current events are forcing us to look inward, explore our biases, our conditioned, automatic ...
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