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37th Edition

Ya'll reacted in a HUGE way to my open-letter to all of you about my journey with my weight and ...
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36th Edition

Like you (I'm betting), my default is working and being there for everyone. I don't even notice my burn out ...
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35th Edition

My struggle with food and weight has been around for as long as I can remember. Literally, my earliest memory ...
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34th Edition

Although we have many miles still to walk towards justice and equality, our society HAS come a long way since ...
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33rd Edition

Through today's edition, you'll not only about experience inspiring, interesting stories but also add to your sandtray toolbox and hopefully ...
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32nd Edition

The events of the past several years have helped reinforce that my true purpose in this world is to call ...
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31st Edition

The top 5 times that I CLEARLY didn't know what I DIDN'T KNOW (and looked like an idiot but still ...
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30th Edition

I remember thinking around this time last year, "If we can ever just get back to 'normal,' I will never ...
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29th Edition

Being a therapist through the pandemic was (and is) front-line work. Ya'll want to hear me preach?? Being a therapist ...
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28th Edition

Without my sandtray room in my therapy practice, I feel like a one-armed paper-hanger in a wallpaper factory. Ya'll. I ...
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