Tis the Season…

For DIY-ing Miniatures! Cheap, easy, and fun ways to spice up your mini collections We are always on the lookout ...
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Welcome to the first EVER edition of the Sandtray Ally! This edition focuses on the meaning of gratitude and why ...
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Cultivating Gratitude

Using the Sandtray to Cultivate Gratitude We hear the word gratitude, or variations of this this term, often…especially as we ...
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Part Two: Hunting for Minis Online

My Go-To Sites for Ordering Sandtray Miniatures Online As I mentioned in the last post, I love hunting for miniatures ...
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Miniature Scavenger Hunt

Come Along to My All-Time Favorite Places to Find Miniatures! Let's face it, therapists... finding materials, games, and toys can ...
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5 Tips for Figuring out Fences in the Sandtray

If you have been doing sandtray for any amount of time, fences will come up in your tray. But, although ...
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Processing Like a Pro

What Techniques Do You Use to Go Deeper in Your Sandtray Sessions? For the last few weeks, we've been really ...
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Using Directives in the Tray

Tips, Tools, and Insights to Increase Confidence When Using Directives   Working with our teen and adult clients in the ...
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Back to Basics – Week 6

Your No-Fail Script for Introducing Sandtray! We’ve all been there... sitting across from a client and struggling to explain the ...
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Back to Basics – Week 5

Sandtray Therapy With Adults Mind The Metaphor! We all know that working with adults can be TOUGH. Often, our adults ...
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