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31st Edition

The top 5 times that I CLEARLY didn't know what I DIDN'T KNOW (and looked like an idiot but still ...
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30th Edition

I remember thinking around this time last year, "If we can ever just get back to 'normal,' I will never ...
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29th Edition

Being a therapist through the pandemic was (and is) front-line work. Ya'll want to hear me preach?? Being a therapist ...
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28th Edition

Without my sandtray room in my therapy practice, I feel like a one-armed paper-hanger in a wallpaper factory. Ya'll. I ...
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27th Edition

In these dark days of winter, notice what your body is telling you - slow down, be good to yourself, ...
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26th Edition

In today's edition of The Sandtray Ally, we're going to cover both the fun, entertaining parts of sandtray therapy as ...
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25th Edition

Because we are sandtray therapists, and we believe in the power of hope and healing, we're going to focus on ...
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24th Edition

. . . cool training opportunities, some helpful articles pertinent to all of us as therapists, and of course some ...
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23rd Edition

New things happening at Southern Sandtray! Well, well, well.... ....looks like we've got some new exciting stuff going on around ...
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